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Report of Lebanese Red Cross Operations for October 2016
The Lebanese Red Cross continues to offer its humanitarian services throughout Lebanese territories through all of its centers, units, vehicles, volunteers, and workers. The Lebanese Red Cross managed in October 2016 to offer the following:

Emergency Medical Services: The total number of tasks reached 25,432, including the transport of 1,165 traffic accident victims, the rescue and transport of 6 gunshot injuries, 10 burn injuries, 3 suicide cases, 37 poisoning cases, 6 infectious diseases cases, 397 heart problem cases, 130 cardiopulmonary resuscitation cases, and 133 child cases.

Blood Transfusion Services: The blood transfusion centers distributed 1,809 blood units from all types after the necessary lab tests were conducted to ensure their safety. A total of 1,883 blood units were donated, including 408 at blood drives that were organized in several regions.

Medical-Social Services: This service is based on providing various medical examinations to patients from different categories and ages and distributing chronic disease medicine and implements reproductive health and psycho-social support programs through a network that is comprised on 38 stationary clinics and seven mobile clinics. The beneficiaries of the dispensaries reached 3,689 while the beneficiaries of the mobile clinics reached 6,679.

Disaster Management Unit: The Lebanese Red Cross offers through the Disaster Management Unit, which is backed by 15 teams that are distributed throughout regions that are inhabited by Syrian refugees, relief goods and implements several programs, which are: Relief, Disaster Risk Reduction, WASH, and Cash Transfer Program. A total of 31,981 people benefited from the programs.
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