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The LRC commemorates the 22nd remembrance of its 13 martyrs

Under the title “Together for Humanity,” the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) commemorated the 22nd remembrance of its 13 martyrs. The tribute took place in the theatre of the Antonine School Zahle under the patronage of Sheikh Sami El-Dahdah, president of the LRC. Many members from the various bodies of the LRC were present along with first aid volunteers, political and social figures, the families of the martyrs and friends of the LRC. Also present were the emissary of the International Red Cross Committee Mr. Jordy Rayk and Ms. Anne Catherine Moore president of the World Association for Red Cross and Red Crescent in Lebanon.
After the Lebanese national anthem and the LRC anthem the audience stood for a moment of silence in honor of the martyrs. This was followed by a speech by Mr. Nabih Jaber, Chief of the Center of Emergencies in Kornat Chehwan, who spoke about the commemoration and its meanings. He also stressed in his speech the sacrifices made by the martyrs who died serving the ideals of the LRC. Mr. Jaber then gave turn to Mr. Joseph Daoud, Chief of the Emergency Center in Zahle, who also gave a speech. 
Next, a documentary about the accomplishments of the International Red Cross Commission in Lebanon was shown. Ms. Sandrine Teller, who is responsible for the publishing and media for LRC, followed with a speech. Finally, Sheikh Sami el Dahdah, the LRC president, gave a speech.
Following these speeches actor Ammar Chalak performed a show about the role the LRC played during the war, the Israeli violations of international laws and the tragedy that led to the death of Michael Jebayli, the 13th martyr of the LRC. During the ceremony a symbol of remembrance was distributed to the families of the martyrs. Sheik Dahdah also offered a symbolic gift to the International Commission of the Red Cross and to the International Association of the Red Cross and Red Crescent as a gesture of recognition and gratitude.

Iad el Mounzer
Director of public affairs and the media


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