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Honoring the First Aiders
From Ali Saad, the Press Coordinator in South Lebanon:

On the anniversary of July-August war, and as a gratitude to the important role of the First Aid volunteers, the workers of the Social-Medical and Communication Departments, the Local Committee of the Lebanese Red Cross in Bent Jbeil (South Lebanon) organized a lunch attended by the President of the Lebanese Red Cross Sheikh Sami El Dahdah, the head of the Social-Medical Services Section Mrs. Amina Berri Fawaz, the director of the dept. Mrs. Laila Jaber, the director of Public Relations and communication Dept. Mr. Ayad El Mounzer, the Assistant Manager of the First Aid Dept. Mr. Mohamad Makki, the Chief of South Lebanon district Mr. Daniel Jreis.

Additionally, it was attended by the chiefs of the first aid centers in Tebnine, Rmeich, Chebaa, Marjeyoun, Hasbaya, Tyre, and the first aiders in Tebnine and Rmeich. In addition to that the ceremony was attended by the Delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Tyre and the Delegate of the Belgian Red Cross in Lebanon.

After the lunch, the ceremony started with the Lebanese national anthem followed by a moment of silence for the memory of the martyrs of the Lebanese Red Cross, then the head of the Committee of Bent Jbeil Mr. Ali Bazzi made a speech in which he said:

“who are those young people with smiling faces? They took humanity as their principle and their way, altruism is their behavior and volunteering is their mission, they answering of the griever's call is their happiness and rescuing a human life is their only loyalty; they are who sleep in peace after fulfilling their duty and wake up to the sound of the transmitter asking them to help someone, they head like a sunray that lights the darkness. They defy the fire and transport the wounded under the whiz of bullets and the hell of bombs. They could be martyred but the smile never leaves their faces. The transmitter never leaves their hands holding tightly the ember of the mission. They are the first and the leaders in war. As the pelican when it finds no food for its offspring, they peck their chest and open it to feed their hatchlings. That’s how they are martyred, for others to live and for Lebanon to remain. When they wear their orange costume, they no longer belong to themselves, but to the society where they live. They are the chivalry, the happiness, the giving, the virtue, the duty, and the purity; they are the first aiders…”

Then honorary shields were given to Sheikh El Dahdah, Mrs. Fawaz, Mrs. Jaber, and the delegates of the International Committee and the Belgian Red Cross, the chiefs of the first aid centers in the region, Mr. Makki and Mr. Jreis. On the other hand, Mr. El Monzer and Mr. Saad received a special shield on behalf of the public relations and communication department as an appreciation to its significant role.
Also, the first aiders received appreciation certificates and medals for their significant services. Mr. Makki received two shields on behalf of Mrs. Rosy Boulos, the head of the First Aid department and Mr. Georges Kettaneh, the director of the department.

At the end of the ceremony, Sheikh El Dahdah expressed his appreciation to the work and the efforts of the first aiders and the workers in the Lebanese Red Cross during the last war and the disasters that occurred in Lebanon. All that reflected a positive humanitarian image in the Lebanese society and gave a push to the society at the local, regional, and international levels. He thanked the administration and the volunteers and the Bent Jbeil committee for their generous gesture towards those who worked in silence to safeguard the human dignity.

In another field and in the aim of education and medical guidance, Bent Jbeil Center, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, held a seminar about diabetes and its prevention methods with the participation of physicians and specialists. The seminar offered those present a free test and 5 diabetometers distributed by lottery.

Also, in cooperation with the World Health Organization and the Medical Center of Bent Jbeil district, another seminar was held about Malta fever “its reasons, preventions, and treatment”. A number of specialized physicians from the District's medical center, the World Health Organization, Hammoud Hospital, and the Ministry of Agriculture lectured in the seminar.

Photo: participants in the commemoration
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