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Workshop and Training Session
With the support of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Public Relations and communication department in the Lebanese Red Cross has held a national meeting for the coordinators and the activists in the dissemination program attended by 30 activists. The participants discussed the developments of the program and the execution mechanisms of sessions and seminars. The strategy of the program for the coming years and the future prospects were presented. The typical seminar of public relations and communication, the visual presentation and the supporting means of illustration were approved. At the end of the meeting, each activist received a publisher's training bag including the seminars' requirements and documents.

Within the same aim, a two day training session for the new disseminators in the dissemination program was organized in Meridian Commodore Hotel in Beirut in which 26 volunteers from Youth Centers and First Aid Centers participated.

The session included training and defining courses of specialists and trainers in the dissemination program from the Lebanese Red Cross. Mr. Ayad El Mounzer presented the general schedule of the session and its objectives. Mr. Bassam El Mokdad lectured about the history of the International Movement of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, its components and its constitutional institutions. Then, Mr. Alexi Nehme and Mr. Youssef Boutros lectured about the national societies and the Lebanese Red Cross. Mr. Bassam El Mokdad and Mr. Nadim Hetti talked about the fundamental principals of the International Movement and Mr. Ali Saad talked about the emblem and its usage. Mrs. Samar El Kadi from the International Committee of the Red Cross introduced the committee and its roles and Miss Majida Karaki explained articles of the International Humanitarian Law. From the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies, Miss Rana Kabalan presented the functions and the role of the Federation. Also, Mr. Karim El Mufti, a researcher in Political Sciences attended the session and lectured about communication.

The meeting and the workshop were supervised by the head of Public Relations and communication Mr. Ghaleb El Ayoubi.
The new disseminators will lecture in local communities to promote the fundamental principals of the International Movement of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent. They will introduce the International Movement, its components, the fundamental basics of the International Humanitarian Law, and the Lebanese Red Cross.

Photo: During the training
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