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Opening of the Cedars Wood of Army
The Army Commander, Major General Michel Sleiman, represented by Brigadier General Ezzat Deeb has opened the cedars wood of army and Lebanese Red Cross martyrs who were martyred during the incidents of Nahr El Bared upon the invitation of “El Marada Junior Club”.

The wood which was introduced by the Environmental Committee in El Marada Movement on the versant of Saidet El Hoson Mountain (North Lebanon) included 170 big size plants of Lebanese cedars. The political bureau member in El Marada Movement Mr. Youssef Saade, representing the President of the Movement, ex-deputy and ex-minister Sleiman Franjieh, the President of the municipalities union in Zghorta-El Zawieh, Brigadier General Joseph Maarawi, and the head of the Lebanese Red Cross in Zgharta-El Zawieh Mrs. Josephine Harfouch, representing the President of the Lebanese Red Cross have attended the opening, with a number of military personalities, mayors, presidents of Majdelia, Kfar Saghab, Mazraat El Teffah, and Kfar Habbo municipalities and a delegation from Mariata Village, in addition to 170 children from El Marada cadets “Marada Junior Club” who adopted the martyrs memorials to take care of them forever.

The ceremony was started with the Lebanese national anthem followed by standing a minute of silence in the memory of the spirit of martyrs, then the manager of Marada Junior Club, Nathalie Khawaja El Masri made her speech in which she said: “Today, we are not celebrating the martyrs, but renewing our vows of loyalty to those who shed their blood and irrigated the soil for us to stay alive and to keep our country the highest”.

Then, the kids in military costume chanted national and army songs in Arabic and French languages and they lighted green candles for the rest of the souls of martyrs and each kid held a candle in the name of one martyr in a symbolic picture indicating that each kid became a sponsor of one plant that will grow to become a tree immortalizing the heroes of Nahr El Bared. The candles made by the kids were sent to the parents of the martyrs to remain in their houses.

After that, the representative of the Army Commander, Brigadier General Ezzat Deeb planted a cedar tree putting a copper unit in the name of the first martyr who was martyred during Nahr El Bared incidents, followed by Mrs. Harfouch on behalf of the Lebanese Red Cross, then by the kids who completed planting the whole trees.
Finally, the memorial “each martyr is a cedar tree- One cedar tree for each martyr” was unveiled. A group of kids presented to the representative of the Army Commander a wall plate including 168 photos of the heroes of Nahr El Bared on which written “ Ehden Planted you cedar trees to remain a symbol”

Photo: Mrs. Harfouch planting a tree
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