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A Training Session about Health in Emergencies
Within the framework of enhancing the capabilities of the workers in the Social-Medical Services Centers, in order to establish a proper interference in emergency cases, and with the support of the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies, a training workshop about "Health in Emergency" was organized for the workers in the LRC medical services centers at the Assafir Hotel in Beirut.

The opening was attended by the President of the Lebanese Red Cross Sheikh Sami El Dahdah, the Head of the Medical-Social Services Department Mrs. Amina Berri Fawaz, the director of the department Mrs. Laila Jaber, and the director Public Relations Mr. Ayad El Mounzer. Also, the head of the Delegation of the Federation Mrs. Anne Katherine Moore Karlsen attended the opening during which each of Sheikh El Dahdah, Mrs. Berri and Mrs. Carlsin made speeches.

Among the participants of this four day session, there were 28 persons from the different social medical services centers in addition to the director of the Education department Mrs. Agapi Angelo polo, and the director of Youth department Mrs. Therese Abdo. The session was supervised by Mrs. Jaber and Dr. Yari Vinio, the Health Chief in the International Federation in Geneva.

The session focused on the concept of health in emergency and the importance of “Sphere" project and its application in emergencies. A general idea was given about the epidemics that may spread during catastrophes and how to manage catastrophes by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and a film about the climate change and the greenhouse effect was introduced.

The session included a number of workshops about studying the application of “Sphere" project by: evaluating the requirements, presenting the tree of problems, analyzing them, and making a plan for a proper interference.

The Director of the First Aid Dept. Mr. Georges El Kettaneh, made a lecture in which he presented the strategy of the society on its first aid and emergencies service. The workshop was concluded with the distribution of certificates on the participants.

Photo: the participants in the session.
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