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Appeal for equipments rehabilitation

Blood Bank Department

Beirut, 05/08/08

Appeal for equipments rehabilitation

The Lebanese Red Cross has an extensive operational network of nine Blood Banks in all Lebanese regions. The work of Blood Banks is supported and motivated by the ministry of health who has a close cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross, in addition to technicians, trained volunteers/staff, and some UN agencies with developing its plans.

These eight Banks coordinate with the central Blood Bank through weekly meetings to evaluate the work and to make programs for donor's recruitment since the Blood donor motivation is a specialized subject , it is in itself an accomplishment based on science.
We have a database at a National standard sponsored by the IFRC with the latest Blood routine work. This database is very accurate and discreet and only the doctor and the staff know about it. The names of the donors are secure and not even known by the volunteers of the Blood Banks.

Program Goal:

Our Goal is the Efficiency of Blood Banks Services and Implementation

Program Objective:

Our Objective is very clear and defined : Apply for all the Blood Unit Demands

Project Objectives:

Since the war of June 2006 , we rehabilitated as Blood Bank Department our medical equipments to respond quickly for all the Blood demands and to attend the best quality of Blood .

For that objective we still need to rehabilitate some of our equipments , which they provide us the continuity of work and the accomplishment of  the map of rehabilitation  for the Blood Banks .

We will present below our needs and the budget to be financed for each task and the expect result for that:  

Project Goal :

Efficiency of Blood Banks Services
and Implementation



Project Objective :

All the Blood units Demands are applied



Expected Results




Secure the quality of blood units

Electricity 24/24

1- Electric motor
30 KVA – Mono phase

 7.260 $

Best quality of sterilization & infection control

Medical report

6- Autoclaves ( tuttnauer USA ) for sterilization of  blood units when it will be expired or damaged

 27.720 $

Sophisticated machines

Number of equipments

 9 blood banks *2 electrical chairs =18

39.600 euro

For your transfer :

ACC NUMBER# 841500

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