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Signing the Cooperation Accord between LRC and SDC

After the first phase of the cooperation project was launched in February 2008, and which completes five years, the Lebanese Red Cross and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) of the Swiss Government, signed the Agreement of the second phase of the project at a cost of (added to the first stage) 800 thousand U.S. dollars.

The signing ceremony took place at the Headquarters of the Red Cross in Spears, in the presence of the Swiss Ambassador, Karen Carey, Head of Office - Swiss Agency, Ivan Vuarambon, the president of the Lebanese Red Cross, Sami El Dahdah, the head of the emergency medical services Rosie boulos, the director of the emergency medical services George Kittani, and the head of public relation and communication department, Ghalib el Ayoubi.

The second phase aims to support the Emergency Medical Services in accordance with the LRC strategy, particularly in rehabilitation, training and development of techniques to match internationally accepted standards, in cooperation with local and international expertise, and International Committee of the Red Cross. The phase will include the preparation of 80 and 120 trainers from the Lebanese Red Cross rescuers to teach the training courses in order to strengthen the capacity of Red Cross volunteers under the supervision of experts from the agency.

Dahdah thanked the Swiss government confidence in the Red Cross "and its standing beside the Lebanese people", adding that the cooperation "aims to support the emergency services, and it will benefit the vulnerable groups."

Carrie praised the Red Cross mission and she considered the cooperation "as the provision of services to the Lebanese people through the Red Cross."

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