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A New Car to the Lebanese Red Cross

The Lebanese Red Cross received a car from the International committee at the novice ceremony donated to the emergency medical center in Alay, which is the fourth car presented to the Lebanese red cross from the proceeds of the eleventh ceremony organized by the Committee at Casino of Lebanon. The emergency car was prepared from the budget of the Lebanese Red Cross emergency medical teams to become a fully equipped ambulance under the service of humanity.

The receiving was held in a ceremony at Lebanese Red Cross center in Alay, in the presence of a delegation from the novice committee included its head Ms. Regina Vinyanos and ms. Latifa nikdi, nada salama, Zakia Majzoub and reine prince, Alia Khalifa and Mrs. Rosy Boulos the head of the emergency medial teams And the director of emergency medical teams Mr. George Kettani, the head of Alay local committee miss Aida Abu Rafi and number of Committee members and medics was also attended by the Deputy Mayor of Alay Mr. Samir Khoury, Mr. Nihad Halima representative of Lexus company, Miss Lebanon, Martin Andrawos, Mr. Fadi Fuleihan representatives of the Mediterranean Bank, and Mr. Ziad salmon representative of Romance Sal company.

Mrs. Vinyanos, through delivering the car, explained the meaning of this initiative and its importance and all the support given to the Lebanese Red Cross since 11 years by the Committee, and which reflects the confidence in the Lebanese Red Cross and the basic humanitarian services in the community. Also, she thanked all those who contributed to this achievement. After receiving the key of the car she thanked the delegation for its initiatives that reflects the emotional depth and human feeling, and handed the key to the head to the chief of the center, Shaheen Hamza, who thanked all those who seek to achieve this project explaining all the Emergency Medical Services in Alay and neighborhood, and there was a speech the way for Ms. Aida Abu Rafi in which she praised this initiative which strengthens the capacity of the Red Cross in the service of distress.

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