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Guinness World Record
Lebanon entered through the volunteers of Youth Department in the Lebanese Red Cross the Guinness Book of Records for the largest hand-painted texture, under the slogan "your hand with us / Idak Maana ". The goal of this activity, which lasted over two days was to publicize humanitarian standards and concepts. The result was declared in the presence of a number of officials and activists in the Lebanese Red Cross and supporters and friends of the Committee on Arbitration of the Guinness Book of Records, at a ceremony on the Stadium of Camille Chamoun Sports City.

After the collection of the eight parts of the painting, which was distributed in various provinces and reached an area of about 4600 m2 (the past largest figure was recorded in China is 3715.86 m2) and after making sure by measuring the area of the painting by the representative of the Guinness Book, Mr. Damien Field, the results announced the victory of the texture and then entering the Guinness Book that was followed by the words of both the project coordinator Ms. Lama Srour and Vice President of the Lebanese Red Cross Mr. Walid Kebbeh.

It is worth mentioning that this activity has been planned and implemented by the volunteers of youth department in the Lebanese Red Cross in 34 different stations deployed in various districts in two phases. In the first was the coating on Saturday, October 30, divided the texture into 8 pieces and distributed to all governorates of Lebanon, in Beirut - Camille Chamoun Sports City, in Tripoli - Rashid Karami International Fair, in Zahle - School Sisters of the Holy Family Maronite, in Aley - Square festivals, in the Furn - Freres, in Jounieh - Fouad Chehab Sports City, in Sidon - School of the Americans in Hasbaya - Square Hasbaya, where the influx of many activists and volunteers, and participated in the implementation of painting through printing their hands on the texture of colors dedicated to this activity as an affirmation of them, and their agreement on the principles of the Red Cross and to renounce violence and to promote understanding and accept the other opinion. Tinol the paints company provided all the requirements for the drawings, in additon to all volunteers and municipalities that assisted in achieving this event by providing all needed facilities.

The second and final stage (Sunday at four o'clock in the afternoon in the sports city) was about collecting the eight parts and connecting them with each other to form the final plate which was photographed from air by the helicopter of the Lebanese Army, in the presence of the representative of the Guinness Book of Records who declared the result in the entry of a new record for the largest hand-painted texture for Lebanon through the Youth Department in the Lebanese Red Cross.
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