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Missions of EMS

Responding to the emergency calls received by the Lebanese Red Cross on the free emergency line 140, the EMS Technicians carried out 21415 emergency mission in September,  through its centers (46 center) that are spreading all over the Lebanese regions, according to the following:

Transferring patients:                10358
Rescue at the centers:              8999
Rescue at home:                       1387
A variety of other tasks:              505
Total tasks:                             21415
Noting that the number of car accidents during September all over the Lebanese regions has reached 1133 accident.

Also, 67 emergency center have been secured in many activities, events, and various festivals.

The Lebanese Red Cross reminds that it received the emergency calls on the free emergency line 140 from any cell or land phone.

The number of injuries caused by car accidents
which EMS technicians rescued during 2016




 803 injury


865 injury 


971 injury 


 917 injury


 1072 injury


1167 injury 


1395 injury  


1310 injury 


1133 injury  








9633 injury

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