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• Donors
Blood is product which is unique, essential and irreplaceable, and for which there is no substitute. Thus, keeping the collective reserve at an acceptable level depends totally on the generosity of people anxious to share their health.
In order to meet the needs for blood products of needy people, it is necessary to ensure 400 donations per day.
Every donation can contribute to save many lives. Through this remarkable solidarity gesture, the blood donors are perceived as anonymous real heroes.

• Organization of mobile blood drives
A group of interested people who decide to form a committee in order to organize a blood collection drive (at the local community, institutional or school levels) must first communicate with us.
Your participation as an organizing committee is highly appreciated and we thank you for your commitment.
In fact, we would not be able to fulfill our mission without the collaboration of committees organizing blood drives within the local communities, enterprises and schools.
The opportunity of organizing a blood drive is available to all of you. We encourage you to join us and to organize, in your turn, your own blood drive!
We can propose to you different forms of partnerships to enable you to organize a blood drive adapted to your context and to the specificities of your environment, be it the local community, an enterprise or a school. 

Blood drive at the local community level
Preserving health and life is a humanitarian and a community issue par excellence.
Community-level groups and organizations have always widely collaborated with us, and organized many impressive blood drives throughout the years. Indeed, local communities groups are renowned for their enthusiastic members who want to save no efforts for their society.
Your commitment towards your community is invaluable! We encourage you to continue your efforts and to contribute to the cause of upholding the collective blood reserve.

Blood drive at the enterprise level
Organizing a blood drive represents an activity which illustrates the commitment of your enterprise towards a humanitarian cause, and which
Perfectly falls within your role of a good institutional citizen.
By partnering with the LRC blood transfusion services, your enterprise becomes active within the local community and contributes to it well-being. A blood drive at the enterprise level also favors a solidarity climate among the employees, as it represents an indisputable team achievement.
Your professional environment allows us to reach donors who are active in the labor market thus, enterprises could have a significant contribution to the collective blood reserve. We need you! 

Blood drive at the school level
We are very keen to raising the awareness of young people, the donors of tomorrow, about blood donation. And the best way to sensitize them to this cause is through a stimulating blood drive.
A blood drive project falls very well within the primary and secondary school curricula, and a teacher in charge could undertake this project with his students in collaboration of the LRC. The organization of a blood drive gives the youth the opportunity to gain learning at the humanitarian and personal levels, so they could be prepared to become adults concerned with the well-being of their community.
The experience shows that children are excellent recruiting agents. Thanks to their energy, their dynamism and their ingenuousness, young people make of a blood drive a real event! This is exactly what we need!

Moreover, we would like to have the opportunity to undertake a blood drive in colleges and universities. It would be organized by your students, in cooperation with the LRC blood transfusion centers. Young adults of a student association, a sports club and any other committee are with no doubt in the best position to organize a blood drive in their school/ college or university, because they already have a network and the credibility to carry through this large scale project to a successful conclusion. 
                                                                      Engage yourself!

When you organize a blood drive, you are not at all on your own. We systematically support you. You can benefit from our staff expertise and access the help of volunteers. Our adviser on the organization of blood drives will take you through all the stages of a blood drive, from its planning to its implementation, and will provide you with all the necessary support to succeed in your venture.

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