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Emergency Response
The Lebanese Red Cross started to provide its first aid services in 1964. There were only 12 first aid volunteers at the time. In 1975, the number of volunteers increased to 150 first aiders due to the need created by the Lebanese civil war. In 1982, with the escalation of the Israeli hostilities against Lebanon, this number increased to reach 1000 first aiders in 27 centers. Today, there are almost 2700 volunteers (male and female) spread over 46 first aid centers and 4 operation rooms across the country in addition to 280 ambulances.

First Aid and Emergency Services
First Aid Teams (volunteers) provide first aid and emergency services on the Lebanese territories around the clock, all year long. These services are: First aid and urgent transport of the victims of accidents on road, mountain and home; first aid for heart attack victims (CPR); first aid for children and sick people at home; first aid posts in national sport, cultural, and art celebrations and ski resorts; transport of patients from and to hospitals, transport of corpses (in special cases); transport of blood units to hospitals (in emergencies); first aid within first aid centers. In addition to a clear plan for MCI / Mass Casualty Incident which is carrying out the process of triage into groups according to the priority of injury to secure medical treatment and quick transport.

Day time First Aid
Before 1995, first aid teams worked from 5 PM in the evening till 6 AM in the morning. But since 1995, the Lebanese Red Cross started to provide first aid and emergency services during the day in the Lebanese territories, based on a joint agreement with the Ministry of Public Health.

Coordination with other organizations and institutions:

The field work of the Emergency Medical Technicians is coordinated through operating rooms which guide the team to the place of the accident, watch the progress of the treatment, insure contact with hospitals, and coordinate with the Lebanese army, internal security forces, the civil defense, fire brigade and other concerned parties according to the cases.

Specialized programs:

The administration of the first aid teams has a plan to enhance the skills of the first aid teams. Accordingly the following programs were adopted:
  • First aid - road accidents: Special medical and rescue tools is used for this purpose. When necessary, the Civil Defense and Fire Department are called for support.
  • First aid - snow & mountain rescue: Teams are trained to deal with snow accidents using state of the art tools, search poles, stretchers, scooters, special boots, ropes and ladders.
  • First aid-water rescue: Rescue operations in cooperation and collaboration with the Fire Department and Civil Defense.
  • First aid-sport activities: Temporary first aid posts are set up in sport events, social celebrations festivals and activities
  • Enhancement & development of drivers’ and team leaders’ skills: Specialized training programs under the direct supervision of the national training committee of the first aid teams.
How to become a volunteer in EMS:

The volunteers of the EMS are recruited in accordance with the need of the geographical area of each center according to the following:

- Age 17 years and above
- Good health to perform the tasks.
- Reading and writing.
- Commitment to the principles of the Red Cross.
- lay under a probationary period of 9 months.
- Do not belong to a political or ideological organization.
- do specialized courses in all its stages.
- Commitment to volunteer service for a long time.

Rescue Call: 140
Any person who suffers an accident (work, car, ski, home ...etc) can dial 140 toll free number from any phone (regular or mobile) and from any region in Lebanon. The first aid teams will immediately answer his/her rescue call. 

List of First Aid centers:
First aid centers in the following areas can be reached by calling 140 toll free number from any mobile or regular phone, or by calling directly on their respective phone numbers.

Kaza Region Phone Number
Beirut Spears 01/373453 - 01/372166
  Jemayze 01/444102
Baabda Baabda 05/925009
  Furn El Chebbak 01/287111
  Mreijeh 01/471140/1 - 140
  Falougha 05/531129 - 140
Metn Antelias 04/418950 - 04/411018
Bolonia 04/297140
  Cornet Chehwan 04/925444 - 04/912860
  Beit Mery 04/870712 - 04/972211
  Jal El Dib 04/714229 - 04/722010/11
Kesrwan Jounieh 09/832260 - 09/830799
Kfardebian 09/712140
Jbeil Jbeil 09/540318 - 09/945220
Aley Aley 05/556161 - 140
  Kabr Chmoun 05/410950 - 140
Chouf Bakaata 05/507416 - 140
  Deir El Kamar 05/505803- 140
Shwaifat 05/437118
Damour 05/603425
West Bekaa Kob Elias 08/500455 - 08/501466
Jeb Jennine 08/661055 - 08/660286
Machghara 08/651018 - 08/650613
Rachaya Rachaya 08/592070 - 08/592101
Zahle Zahle 08/800735 - 08/808145
Baalbek Baalbek 08/377550/1 - 08/374672
Hermel Hermel 08/200023 - 140
Tripoli Tripoli 06/602510 - 06/610026
Batroun Batroun 06/742916 - 06/642502
Koura Amyoun 06/651504 - 06/651503
Becharre Becharre 06/672504 - 06/671741
Zghorta Zghorta 06/663397 - 06/663903
Akkar Halba 06/692165 - 06/693969
  Kobayat 06/350900 - 06/351043
  Hrar 06/865508 - 06/865309
Saida Saida 07/722532 - 07/725993
  Jensnaya 07/230709 - 140
  Ansaryeh 07/390716 - 140
Tyr Tyr 07/742265 - 07/348470
Hasbaya Hasbaya 07/551140 - 140
  Chebaa 07/565140 - 140
Jezzine Jezzine 07/781201 - 140
Nabatieh Nabatieh 07/761053 - 07/765505
Bint Jbeil Tebnine 07/326140 - 140
  Rmeich 07/470140 - 140
Marjeyoun Marjeyoun 07/831140 - 140                       
Central Direction Hazmeye 05/955992-3-4
Central operations Hazmeye (Mount Lenanon)  05/458200-5                        
 Regional Tebnine 07/325458 - 07/325166
 Regional Tripoli 06/424520/1/2 - 06/425520/1
 Regional Zahle 08/818123-3-4-5
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