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Volunteering Possibilities
General conditions for volunteering:
• 16-years-old or older
• Enjoys full civil rights
• Respects the Fundamental Principles, rules and regulations of the Lebanese Red Cross
• Passes an interview
• Committed to voluntary work

Special conditions for volunteering:
In local committees:
Any Lebanese can become a member of the Lebanese Red Cross if he/she:

• 21-years-old or older
• has attended a dissemination course
• has paid annual subscription fees

In First Aid teams:
• 18-years-old or older
• Healthy
• Can read, write and speak a foreign language
• Has completed specialized sessions in first aid
• Has passed a six-month trial period

In youth departments:
• 16-years-old or older
• Has passed a 10-month trial period
• Has attended sessions enabling him to carry out the activities and programs assigned to members

In education:
I- As a trainer:
• University student (at least two years)
• First aider (for more than a year)
• Has passed the entrance exam
• Has attended training in technical and educational sessions

II- As a teacher:
• Medical school graduate or in similar fields (nursing, pharmacy…)
• Has passed an entrance exam
• Has attended training in technical and educational sessions

In medical and social services:

I- For doctors:
Must be a certified doctor registered in one of the two Lebanese medical syndicates.

II- For activists:
Has attended training sessions enabling him/her to carry out assigned work

In blood banks:
• Carries a Lebanese Red Cross membership card
• Has some knowledge about blood transfusion general techniques
Another aspect of voluntary service in Lebanese Red Cross blood banks is becoming a blood donor, where his/her name is listed on the donor’s list for all blood types. The volunteers are called upon whenever blood is needed.

In Dissemination:
• 21-years-old or older
• Holds a university diploma with two years experience or a high school diploma with 5 years experience in society
• Fluent in Arabic and has basic knowledge of a foreign language
• Has attended a training session enabling him/her to give Dissemination courses

In mine awareness:
• 21-years-old or older
• Fluent in Arabic and has basic knowledge of a foreign language
• Holds a university or a high school diploma
• Has attended a training session (Mine Awareness training for activists) enabling him/her to give Mine Awareness courses

Characteristics of voluntary service in the Lebanese Red Cross:

1. Embodiment of noble principles
2. Belonging to a national institution with a humane mission and an international dimension that facilitates the exchange of expertise and information and the amelioration of skills
3. Continuous training for volunteers in all fields of voluntary work
4. Professionalism and specialization resulting from extensive and continuous training programs
5. Quality service for the most vulnerable people in the community
6. Leadership in health, social and humanitarian fields in general
7. National network that covers most of the Lebanese territories, servicing all people, without distinction or discrimination and in total transparency
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