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Handicap Program
Based on its human goal to help the most vulnerable in the community without any discrimination and to ease the suffering, the Lebanese Red Cross is mainly concerned with the special needs of the handicapped through an excusive program related to them.

In 1985, the project of rehabilitation of the handicapped was launched with the opening of the Prostheses and Ortheses Workshop with the curative and preventive programs in this regard to reinsert and rehabilitate morally and physically the handicapped in order to help him accept his condition and to adapt himself with his community and environment.

Who are the beneficiaries?

All those who have a motion handicap caused by:
• paraplegia
• tetraplegia
• hemiplegia
• poliomyelitis
• amputation
as well as those who need physiotherapy, ergo therapy and nursing care.

Who give these services?

A technical team composed of:
• the social worker
• the nurse
• the doctor
• the physiotherapist
• the ergo therapist

Two kinds of intervention are worked out in order to fulfill all the handicapped needs:

A - On the curative level:
• medical consultations
• securing the medicines providing the Para-medical material (Foley, colostomy, urostomy …)
• physiotherapy:
o at home
o at the center
• treatment of bed sores

B – On the rehabilitation level:

1. Home visits done by a special team in order to assess the needs and procure help in:
o Psychological and social support from the social worker.
o Medical care from the doctor or nurse.
o physiotherapy by the technician in training the handicapped and family on moving gestures (to and from bed, chairs, …), exercises and treatment to keep the physical shape of the handicapped and promote his independency.

2. Ergo therapy and home rehabilitation by the specialist in preparing places, bathrooms, corridors and furniture to facilitate the moving around of the handicapped.

3. Fitting artificial limbs as well as polio apparatus for those in need of such equipment, done by the Lebanese Red Cross Prostheses and Ortheses Workshop in Aley, with the financial support of the Ministry of Public Health through a contract signed by both parties.
The requirements to profit from the MSP are:
o full medical report
o Certificate that the patient is not registered at National Social Security or any employees’ cooperative.

4. Helping Equipments
Provide handicapped with the permanent use tools such as: (wheelchairs, crutches, walker...). In order to get any of these equipments one should fill an application accompanied by a medical report. The Lebanese Red Cross takes a symbolic sum of money as a deposit for these items to restore and maintain them in order to be re-used at the end of the need. Half of the amount will return to you when the tools are restored.

Economical training:
In order to rehabilitate the handicapped socially and economically all the way to financial independence and self reliance, the Lebanese Red Cross trains interested handicaps on some crafts and then help them find suitable job.

Orthopedic Workshop

Physiotherapy Centers
Spears – Marjeoun – Bint Jeil – Jezzine- Hermel 
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