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The Lebanese Red Cross places great importance on the youth and their activities. They act as a major volunteer force that aids the neediest members of society. They perform their humanitarian mission based on the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and the strategic guidance aimed at bolstering understanding and tolerance among individuals and groups through spreading humanitarian principles and values. These efforts mainly target children and the youth by relying on the efforts of around 1,700 volunteers (male and female), spread at 35 centers and clubs throughout Lebanon and bolstered by training programs that develop their skills and help them in executing all their activities and tasks under the slogan “For Humankind.”slogan "For humankind".

Youth volunteers participate in many extensive training courses to enhance their skills and abilities in order to prepare them for the tasks they are supposed to fulfill.
Main training courses are: Disseminating the humanitarian principles and values, prevention from sexually-transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS, disaster and preparedness, rules and regulations, leadership, activation, program designing and planning, evaluation and assessment, environment, dealing with prisoners and people with special needs, road safety, communication, conflict resolution...etc.

General Activities
The youth volunteers carry out several activities directed towards a large segment of Lebanese society. They are aimed at raising awareness of the youth and children on means to erase wrong practices that fragment society. The volunteers take advantage of several occasions, such as national and international days, to organize activities, celebrations, and school and university seminars and workshops on health, environment, and prevention methods, and visits to patients in hospitals and nursing homes, as well as other functions that include fundraising to support Youth programs and LRC activities

Central Activities
These activities depend on the participation of all the Youth centers with their collective efforts and effective participation. The main activities are:

The National Congress
All the Youth centers participate in this annual congress. It is considered to be basic in enrolling youth volunteers, devising annual plans, and evaluating and developing activities and programs..

The National Camp:
Held annually, it comprises a meet and greet between the youth and aims at promoting awareness between children and the youth in local society.

Recruiting Volunteers
The door is opened to volunteers at any club and Youth center once a year or when needed through announcements posted at centers, universities, and schools or through the website:

The youth take part in diverse programs that are organized on the national and international levels.

National level:
The goals of the youth are fulfilled by implementing flexible programs that cater to the needs of the community and include:
1- Promoting humanitarian principles and values
2- Youth and Health
3- Environmental and health awareness 

International Levels:

The program encompasses the exchange of expertise and skills between the youth and the different constituents of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, including National Societies, the International Federation, and International Committee, as a part of the public strategy of the Lebanese Red Cross. It includes organizing or participating in several conferences, workshops, camps, networking, seminars and training sessions.

Youth Centers and Clubs
A.U.B./ L.A.U. /BAU/ Lebanese University (LU) /Beirut (Achrafieh, Badaro)/ Beirut (Spears)/ Furn El Chebak
Dahyie /Aley/ Baabda /Bouchrieh /Jal Eddib /Antelias /Beit Mery/ Jbeil /Batroun/ Falougha/ Chouf/ Saida /Zahrani /Tyr/ Nabatieh /Marjeoun / Hasbaya /Rachaya /Jezzine/ Zahle/ Riyak /Baalbek /Hermel /Tripoli /Becharre /Zghorta/ Koura/ Balamand University

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