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Blood Services
I promise to…save lives

• Mission
The mission of the LRC BTS is to ensure self-sufficiency in terms of blood products throughout the Lebanese territory.
Assuring a regular supply of safe blood products, through blood component collection, processing and testing, is the goal of LRC BTS.

• History
The blood transfusion services started in 1964 by opening the first Blood Bank in Beirut. The expansion has taken place over the last 40 years (1964-2011) as more LRC Blood Transfusion Services were opened. Today 12 LRC Blood Transfusion Services exist in the 6 governorates of Lebanon.

Blood can be donated at the LRC Blood Transfusion Services as well as during the occasional blood drives of the LRC. Blood collected through mobile blood drives is transported back to the LRC branches. Then all blood components are distributed to health establishments to be transfused to patients.
All the 12 BTC carry out the same function: blood collection, component preparation, blood testing/screening and blood issuing. Additionally the BTC at the HQ in Spears is as well performing radiation services.
The 12 branches are all connected through software; and the stock is shared by all branches, which means blood units can be transported where patients are in need.
Staff with diverse specialization and technical skills is available to provide adequate service. Quality management is the focus of BTS centers practice. 

Where to donate:  blood List and map and schedule of branches

-  National documents
• General brochure
• National questionnaire
• Criteria for donor selection
• Pre donation information
• Post donation information
• Blood drives

- Partners

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