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First Aid Training
Teaching First Aid, safety and rescue are one of the important services offered by the Lebanese Red Cross to local communities in their diverse categories, groups and domains.

The LRC is very concerned in developing its programs and ways of teaching, thus preparing and continuously training its members and volunteers to enable them to perform the work entrusted to them and to fulfill the National Society’s goal of upgrading and improving the medical and preventive level of the society, as well to ease the suffering of the people and to reduce the risks against them.

Teaching First Aid:

Under the slogan “Every Citizen is a First Aider”, the LRC started teaching first aid in 1952. It is one of the principal services in the organization and is based on spreading and popularizing knowledge on how to act when an incident occurs. It is done through scheduled sessions on teaching steps, techniques and skills related to first aid. The sessions seek to raise awareness in communities and enable individuals to perform the adequate acts of help to reduce danger when any accident/incident occurs, to help the injured and try to rescue the victim. The estimated number of beneficiaries is between 20,000-25,000 citizens annually.

Targeted Groups:

The following categories benefit from first aid classes:
1. The LRC’s volunteers, especially those of first aid teams before they join in to offer the emergency and help services over all Lebanese territory.

2. Groups in private, civil and official institutions, colleges and universities, particularly faculties of medicine and others related to medicine (nursing schools, physiotherapy, laboratories and radiology related departments, pharmacies...).

3. Citizens interested in teaching (individuals and groups) for example: the general public, military forces (land, sea, and air), the security forces, Civil Aviation members, embassy employees, sports clubs and water rescuers and skiing, hotels staff, restaurants, institutes, and workers of dangerous occupations.

Training sessions and Types:

• “Brevet” certificate (80-85 hours):

Offered to those interested in volunteering with the LRC first aid teams, as well as to students in the medical fields and to the Lebanese Army. At the end of the course, the participants will receive, in case of success after the exams, a “brevet” certificate in First Aid.

• First Aid Principles (20-25 hours):
Offered to members and groups of private and civil institutions (industrial, tourist and travel…). The participants will receive a success certificate in First Aid Principles.

• Heart – Pulmonary Revival (CPR) (10-20 hours):
Offered to nursing staff in hospitals, to sea rescuers and to those taking care of patients at home (patients with a handicap, cancer, heart problems...). The participants will receive a success certificate in CPR.

• Teaching & Training Body:
Relying on specialists in psychology, education and medicine, the Lebanese Red Cross is very much concerned with the continuous preparation and “recycling” (rehabilitation) of the trainers and teachers in First Aid whereby they participate in many practical training sessions that are applied in stages. The number of activists in this service reached more than 150 trainers and teachers spread in the majority of Lebanese areas.

General Conditions to join the teaching and Training Body:

1) As a trainer:
• University graduate (at least two years)
• First Aid member (more than one year)
• Sitting for an entrance exam
• Following technical and educational training sessions

2) As a teacher:
• Graduate of a medical or medicine-related (nursing, pharmacy …) school
• Sitting for an entrance exam
• Following technical and educational training sessions

These courses are offered to groups. Those interested should fill a written application, mentioning the number of people (at least 10) and their ages. A central department in the Lebanese Red Cross directly supervises the training and education to ensure the constant improvement of this service and to develop educational programs and curricula.

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