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Board of LRC

Dear All 

    The Lebanese Red Cross welcomes and thanks you for visiting its page in order to know everything related to the society which is a society for all people and for the entire nation. In hearts that burst with love, and throb with tender and affection, and a spirit of brotherhood and humanity we welcome you. 

    The Lebanese Red cross is a national society by which volunteers made their duties by following seven basic principles such as neutrality, impartiality, and humanity and which aims to help all groups of the society regardless of religion or race. It depends on the effort of the 12000 volunteers who give from their time and effort in order to serve the most vulnerable and needy without expecting any return; they are always ready to serve those who are in need. Those volunteers who took the voluntary work as a life style stunned all with their courage and rescue mission so they became a model of giving. There are several faces of volunteerism and no matter how small it is, it will make a difference and save a life and enhance our capacities in order to keep us up to the challenges and responsibilities in order to support vulnerable people. 

    We appreciate every effort done by the volunteers on all levels and we would like to thank you for visiting our site and also to thank all who gave help and support to the Lebanese Red Cross and who believed in its mission and appreciated the efforts of its volunteers to apply our slogan “together for human everywhere” .

Dr. Antoine Zoghbi
The President

Volunteered in the LRC in 1999 as a medical authority for the EMS. He became a member of the central and executive committees (head of the Volunteers Department) and acts as Dean of the LRC Nursing Institute in Baabda and head of emergency services at Hotel-Dieu de France Hospital in Beirut. He is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at Saint Joseph University in Beirut

List of Executive Committee

In addition to the president, the vice-president and the treasurer, the Executive Committee consists of:

1- Dr. Antoine Zoghbi                     President
2- Dr. Maryam Ghandour               Vice president
3- Mr. Bassam Mokdad                  Treasurer
4- Ms. Amina Fawaz                       Responsible of Medical and Social Services sector
5- Ms. Rosy Boulos                         Responsible of Emergency Medical Services sector
6- Mr. Youssef Sfeir                        Responsible of Youth sector
7- Mr. Bassel Mekkawi                    Responsible of Blood Transfusion Services sector
8- Mr. Raja Assaf                            Responsible of fundraising and marketing section
9- Mr. Georges Moussallim             Responsible of Teaching section
10- Mr. Sami Hussieni                     Responsible of Supply and Logistics section
11- Mr. Kamal Fares                       Responsible of PR and Communication section
12- Mr. Toni AL Zoghbi                   Responsible of legal Affairs section
13- Mr. Samer Abu Nader               Responsible of Planning and Management section
14- Mr. Ghassan Hanna                  Responsible of Volunteers section

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