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COVID19 Oxygen machine assistance

Lebanese Red Cross lending oxygen machines to COVID19 patients

With the increase in the number of patients who are ill with COVID19 and have to be treated at home due to lack of places in hospitals, the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) has launched an initiative to provide oxygen machines to patients throughout Lebanon.

Why is LRC providing oxygen machines?

To help treat COVID19 patients with low blood saturation and breathing difficulties and who cannot find places in hospitals.

How many patients can LRC support?

The Lebanese Red Cross currently has a limited number of oxygen machines available, but is actively trying to increase its capacity to at least 200 machines by mid-February 2021. Each machine can help multiple patients as the patients who no longer need oxygen support will return the machine to the LRC so that it can be used to help another patient

Who can ask for an oxygen machine?

The patient or the family of a patient, according to the following criteria:
  • Positive PCR test
  • Breathing difficulties and/or low oxygen saturation
  • Report from the patient’s doctor indicating the immediate need for an oxygen machine at home

People should NOT request an oxygen machine preventively, to be used just in case symptoms develop. The machines are reserved for the patients who need it the most and LRC’s medical direction will decide how to allocate the limited number of machines based on:
  • Severity of the case
  • Doctor’s report
  • Availability of machines

Patients who have an urgent case and need to be transported to hospital should call 140.

How can an oxygen machine be requested?

  1. The patient’s physician decides that the patient needs oxygen support and provides a report
  2. Patient or patient’s family call LRC’s 1760 hotline between 8AM and 8PM
  3. Hotline operator will take the necessary information over the phone and logs the request
  4. Doctors’ report will be sent by patient or patient’s family to LRC by email (in case no report can be provided, LRC’s medical direction will examine the request)
  5. LRC medical direction allocates a priority to the request based on medical criteria
  6. If a machine is available, patient’s family is asked to come to LRC premises to:
    • Provide a copy of the patient’s ID
    • Sign the request form
    • Sign a commitment to return the machine when it is no longer needed
    • Take the machine
  7. If a machine is not available, patient will be placed on the waiting list and will be contacted once a machine is available